"You have to see this! It is an extraordinary story of an exceptional human being. What a story! What a life! What a fantastic show! "
Sir Elton John

Bullens’ transformation into Cidny is a fascinating story that he told with grace and emotional power through a heartfelt original script and songs drawn from the well-respected Bullens catalog. This show was Music City’s one-of-a-kind gift to the local trans community, but also a startlingly original piece of theater. MARTIN BRADY October 5, 2016

"Beautifully crafted and full of courage, “Somewhere Between” offers a heartfelt — and remarkably human — story that you won’t want to miss."  3/20/16 The Tennessean, Nashville TN

"Art plus passion plus adversity equals magic!"   2/25/16 Santa Fe Reporter, Santa Fe NM


SOMEWHERE BETWEEN is an autobiographical solo show written and performed by Cidny Bullens. Directed by Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, the show is a multimedia theatrical production with live performances, by Cidny, of songs past and present.
SOMEWHERE BETWEEN begins with Cindy’s arrival in Los Angeles in the mid-1970’s, taking us through her fateful meetings with Bob Crewe and Elton John—brushing ever so close to stardom—and covers her unlikely journey as a wife and mother, then as a bereaved parent, and finally as a grandparent. We learn throughout the story about Cindy’s private struggle with gender identity and how, finally, she decides to jump headlong into the fire of gender transition—to become Cidny, the person he always felt he was.
Cidny Bullens’ SOMEWHERE BETWEEN is a personal, poignant and powerful story of perseverance, tragedy, triumph—and ultimately unconditional love. With a unique perspective on life, Cidny tells his story in an intimate setting with a guitar, images and a healthy sense of humor.

Michael Musto Interview for OUT.com 1.30.17

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